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The JCOB Torah came from Gush Katif, Israel,
which was an Israeli settlement area in Gaza
that was liquidated by the Israelis in 2005 as
part of the agreement to leave the area to the Palestinians. Shortly after we purchased the
Torah in 2012, we bought a lovely sterling silver breastplate which we dedicated to the memory
of Marvin Fabrikant. This Ark and Eternal Light are the newest additions to our ritual items.

They were a gift from Gomley Chesed in Portsmouth, VA, a synagogue that is in the process of closing. The Ark is about 75 years old, and we painted it and added a shelf so that we can more easily remove our Torah from the original ark.  The Eternal Light is attached to the Ark with an adjustable support system.  We also added a base in which we are storing our High Holiday prayer books as well as the materials we use for our Friday Night Shabbat Services.

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In 2019, a Path of Life Board was attached to the side of the ark.  It was dedicated to Marvin Fabrikant but a plate was included to remember the 11 Jews who were killed in the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.  Members (and non-members) may purchase a plate for any life event.  The Board is shown in March of 2019.